Khristine Magat: Your Conscientious Virtual Professional


Are you a Business Owner, a Chief Finance Officer (CFO), or an Author who needs another pair of hands to handle tasks that slip out of your hands? You could have me handle the tasks on your behalf and you can assure that everything will be handled with utmost care and diligence.

Are you looking for somebody who can prepare a video presentation for an event or a special occasion for your family and friends?  Or you are looking for someone to have your videos edited and have an awesome ad campaign? Or you want your videos combined into a single video?  You could have me handle these things – we could conceptualize together or you could let me have it done for you!

I am Khristine M. Magat, your Conscientious Virtual Professional (VP) based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  My friends call me Kate. Your company can leverage from my 18 years of Finance and Accounting experience, with HR and Admin works on the side, in various multinational companies.

You Can Rely On Me

Your search for another pair of hands to make your life easy and stress-free is finally over. You could have me handle tasks on your behalf, such as:
  • Website Development
  • WordPress Blog Management
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • Slide Presentations
  • Finance and Accounting Tasks
  • Timekeeping and Payroll Tasks
  • Administrative Tasks (Calendar Management, Research, Travel Reservations, etc.)

Your Benefits Working With Me

  • You can focus more on business growth since I will attend to your back-end requirements
  • You can concentrate on business performance since I will provide you with the analysis and recommendations of the company’s performance or operations
  • You can prepare for better presentations since I will provide you with the best materials (I love doing slideshow presentations!)
  • You can have more time since I will create your social media posts and schedule them on your preferred automation platform
  • You can have more social interactions since I can do the monitoring and answering of queries on your behalf
  • You can have extensive entries since I can do the research for your topics or even prepare the blog post for you
  • You can innovate various procedures and templates since I will be working hand-in-hand with you until you reach your desired output

People Who Worked With Me Says

Mark Amman, CFO – Emerson Appliance Controls (EAC):

“Hi Kate! Certainly I would rate you as Outstanding. We had significant change going on at EAC during our tenure and you handled it very well. Particularly your work on our Hyperion financial reporting I know we asked you to step into other areas of need, such as AR (Accounts Receivables) which you handled very well. I know our entire team valued your consistent performance. Good luck on your return to Manila! God Bless”

Joe Eller, Finance & Accounting Manager – Emerson Appliance Controls (EAC):

“Hi Kate! I would rate your job performance with EAC as Outstanding due to your knowledge, dedication to getting the job completed accurately and on time and your effort to lead the team. God Bless!”

Christine Quinto, CFO – Nidec Motor Corporation:

“You’ve always been strong as an individual contributor. You are dedicated and  hardworking. You worked well with the stakeholders in the US.”

*I worked with Nidec Motor Corporation, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company that provides Financial and Accounting Services to Emerson Appliance Controls (EAC, a US-based company),  for more than 4 years.

Need Another Pair of Hands? Let’s be partners!

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