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Alright, we’re moving… not too fast, but we’re moving and that’s what matters most! 🙂

In today’s letter, Gary Halbert is enlightening us on the importance of how our copies should look like.  As usual, he gave us the factors and pointers (with examples) in order for us to provide the best copies to our readers.

Sounds exciting? Yes?

In that case, let’s start with Chapter 18.  Grab your copies here. 🙂

Eye Relief

In the last part of Chapter 17, Gary Halbert has mentioned the sensible use of parenthesis in order to provide “eye relief” to our readers.

Do you remember? You do? Good.

We have to bear in mind that our copies should always be something that looks good.  It should invite readers to pay attention to our copies.

What does it mean to look good?

Well, I have some questions for you…

  • Would you read an ad that has long sentences and paragraphs?
  • How about with narrow side margins and very little white space anywhere on the page?

Undoubtedly you won’t read such a copy, right? Why?

Because it doesn’t look good!

Looks of Your Copies

It should be noted that our copies, as Gary Halbert had emphasized in his letter today, must be easy-to-read and with an attractive and inviting layout.

In addition, Gary Halbert specifically wants us to remember this (from his own words):


“The layout of your advertisement should catch the attention of your reader… but… not in a way that causes him to “notice” the layout!”

Furthermore, he wants our copies to have an “editorial look”.  That is, from Gary Halbert himself, it should look like an exciting piece of editorial material because an editorial content gets 5times as much readership as the advertising content.

Make it Exciting

As mentioned earlier, Gary Halbert wants us to have an “exciting” copy – something that our readers cannot resist

In his letter, he had given us examples of how to write a copy like an exciting news flash!

That is, our copy must have a full rave review of what we offer (a picture would be a plus), how they can get the offer and where to send the payment.

Wow, what a smooth approach!

Family Crest: Coat-of-Arms

At all times, it would be very convincing if you will give a realistic example of what you are trying to teach somebody, right? Yes.

Gary Halbert had given us not just a realistic one but his own personal experience, their family crest — the Coat-of-Arms research report! Moreover, this 361-word letter generated $7,156,000 cash with order customers!

Indeed, what a great piece! You can grab the copy here.

Make It Personal

Gary Halbert’s story goes on…

After the success of the research report, he made a brochure — a four-color catalog that featured about 70 attractive items that could be ordered personalized with his customer’s family crest.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work as expected.

If you are in his place, what would you do next? Will you just stop and accept the loss? Read on.

Well, what he did was to write a personal sales letter and he enclosed a snapshot of 3 best-selling items from the brochure.

This personal sales letter yielded another $40 Million!!!

Yes, you’ve read that right! Making the sales letter personal really works instead of his “more professional” attempts!

Gary Halbert Tells

Today’s letter is really gold!

To wrap it up, Gary Halbert emphasized that –


“You can do a better selling job when at first it does not appear you are attempting to do a sales job!”

In the next chapter, he will be teaching us the importance of the fact that – “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”

I’m excited about the next chapter, how about you?

My Proof


Almost done… love to see your copies in the comments section, so post it now! 🙂


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