The Boron Letters – Chapter 9: Winning Formula

In this chapter, Gary Halbert emphasizes the concept of “customization” to ensure that your promotion will be a success! As Gary Halbert said, “As a general rule, the more ‘custom-tailored’ our promotion is the more successful it will be”. Another thing from Gary Halbert, and I’m sure you will also agree, that IDEAS BREED OTHER IDEAS.


The Boron Letters – Chapter 7: Locate the Hot Buttons

Gary Halbert emphasizes the importance of studying your market without asking them personally or taking a survey. As Gary Halbert said, “People don’t always put their money where their mouths are, but they do nearly always put out their money where their true desires are.” He also imparted another life lesson, that is, being in control.


The Boron Letters – Chapter 4: Self-Reliance

In this chapter, Gary Halbert will be teaching us the importance of self-reliance. You’ve gotta be tough. As you get tough you will surely gain that self-confidence that will really show off when you deal with other people. He also emphasizes the importance of prioritizing oneself, having a support system, and carrying yourself with confidence.


The Boron Letters – Chapter 2: Fasting and Diet

For this Chapter, Gary Halbert is sending his son another advice on how to maintain his health and physical fitness. He emphasizes the importance of fasting and diet. In this second letter, Gary Halbert also encouraged his son to start a tradition — he called it “Halbert Tradition, whereupon the father’s make it a point to pass down what they have learned to teach a new generation!


The Boron Letters – Chapter 1: Road Work

In this first chapter, Mr. Gary Halbert is teaching his son how to maintain his health and physical fitness. He focuses on his daily ROAD WORK — walking, jogging, and running — one hour each day (except Sunday) right after getting out of his bed. Bond Halbert also shared the “Four Squares Lessons of Life”.