It’s been a while since I last posted an entry.

Sorry, actually it’s been almost a year and I don’t have any plans of defending myself for such DELAAAAAAY!

But I want you to know that I’ve been thinking about you…

Yes, YOU!

I’ve been thinking about you who are with me in this 25-Chapter Copywriting Challenge.  I am really sorry…

But honestly, I did not stop with our challenge (and hope you too). I have finished writing the 25 chapters last January 2019 although it took me some time to finish. Obviously I have refrained blogging about it!

Well, how have you been?

As for me, I’ve been through a lot for the past months – both personally and professionally!  We had our financial audit at work and it took a while to finish plus… all the “drama” in real life! It’s like riding the roller coaster 10 times in a row, every single day!!! Lol

Anyway, back to our challenge… I am currently reviewing our past lessons and thinking about how to fast track our lessons.  I may not be in a hurry to finish writing blogs about this challenge but hope to have this done the soonest.

Are you with me on this? I really hope so…

Alright, grab your copies here and start that pen rolling! 🙂

What I Missed About Boron Letters

Aside from Gary Halbert’s lessons on sales and marketing, he never failed to share his wisdom with us on how to deal with our lives.

There are things that we wish to do to forget our problems, our WANT-TO-DO things, but it will never be always possible because we gotta do what we NEED to do.

As Gary Halbert shared to us in this chapter:


“When things are tough, just keep moving in some sort of positive direction!”

Sometimes we fail and like what I’ve done for the past months I’ve wasted some of my precious time just thinking of the things that I know I have to do but allowed the problems to eat me alive!

And thank God that He brings me back to my senses and here I am now, back to our 25-Chapter Copywriting Challenge!

Once again, thanks to Mr. Gary Halbert for the wisdom! 🙂

By the way, just want to express my admiration on the part of Gary Halbert’s letter wherein his son told him that he is luckier to be with Gary when he is not rich and therefore gets to learn how he solves problems, especially money problems. 

How luck Bond is! Not every child has the opportunity to experience such!

If you are one of the lucky children out there, love to hear your sharing in the comments. 🙂

Sorry, I got carried away… let’s resume our Copywriting lessons now! 🙂

What are the Different Reply Envelopes?

In previous chapters, we have talked about A-file envelopes, the little baggies filled with dirt and specifics.

Today, Gary Halbert is introducing us to different types of reply envelopes. Another thing, we’ll learn how to induce guilt to have our customers send their replies… 🙂

Yeah, I understand that we must be talking about email marketing instead of these envelopes, but we’ll get to it.  We just need to know the fundamentals first, got it?

There are three different types of reply envelopes – SRE, BRE, and PSH!

Confused on the acronyms? Don’t worry we’ll have it all clear before we end this chapter! 🙂

Stamped Ready Envelopes (SRE)

First, we’ll be talking about SRE or the Stamped Ready Envelope.

We already talked about it in the previous chapter wherein we are sending SREs to our readers with the hope that they will reply since we already paid for the postage.

And that paid postage is actually our channel to induce guilt on our reader! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Another thing on SREs, we can develop a strong selling point by introducing a “scarcity mindset”. That is, somebody, people whom we sent the same offer, will take the advantage to grab the limited offer if they will fail to do so.

Moreover, since we are requesting them to send their reply “either way”, whether they will accept our offer or not, there is a possibility that once they hold the pen and paper to write “No!” to our offer…

Instead, they will start to think of getting the offer since they have already exerted some effort to get that pen and paper to send their reply to you! 🙂

So are you going to use SREs for your readers? Don’t decide yet, we still have 2 more types of envelopes to get acquainted with…

Business Reply Envelope (BRE)

Alright, let’s talk about BRE this time, which stands for “Business Reply Envelope”. Same as SREs, you will also pay for the postage (and BRE fee) but only for those who actually mailed back to you.

However, BREs have some disadvantages like slowing up your mails since the post office needs to tabulate how many BREs you got each day, and of course, you have to pay. 

Also, they will telegraph that you are not actually sending a “real personal letter” and most probably your letter will go directly to trash!


So we better strategize to ensure that the recipients of our letters will somehow read it and discover the value of our offer before they throw it away! Whew!

Another thing that Gary Halbert pointed out, we can’t induce guilt on BREs!

Are you now thinking which one to use — SRE or BRE? Freeze! Let’s talk about PSH before you finally decide. 🙂

Place Stamp Here Envelope (PSH)

Apart from the other two envelopes, PSH or “Place Stamp Here” envelope is another choice for us.

PSH has its own plus and minus factors!

You have to bear in mind that although it’s cheaper to use PSH you might lose some orders since customers have to pay for the stamp… but since it’s more personal you might probably gain more orders from it.

Probably you might be thinking now what would be the best reply envelope to use, right?

Save your energy because the guru, Mr. Gary Halbert, already spoken —


“More mailers should test PSH envelopes and carefully analyze the results.  Many of them are going to be surprised. This is the best envelope for most mailers to use.”


Well, it’s for me to know and you to find out! 🙂

Let’s keep moving!!! 🙂

My Proof


See you in the next chapter! 


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