The Boron Letters – Chapter 14: My Little Baggie

The Boron Letters – Chapter 14: My Little Baggie


We will be trying to speed-up our lessons since we are way delay, but no worries, I’m sure we can still make it! 🙂

Although time is of the essence when doing a certain project, bear also in mind that every goal has its own gestation period.

Moreover, unless your goal is backed-up by your DEEPEST WHY, you will always find an excuse not to pursue and act on it.

You can only push yourself to your limits IF and ONLY IF you were able to identify your deepest and biggest why!

Alright, let’s resume with our 25-Chapter Copywriting Challenge. Grab your copies here and start that pen rolling! 🙂

My Litte Baggie

In previous chapters, Gary Halbert has taught us about picking our list and different types of envelopes (inside and outside envelopes). Also, in one of the past chapters, he has mentioned about that “little baggie full of dirt”, remember?

In this chapter, he will be sharing to us his wisdom on how to grab attention – quality attention! And his first advice is to make sure that our “attention grabber” is relevant (that makes sense) to what we are actually offering or selling.

As he mentioned in his letter:


“People resent fraud headline. You can grab attentions without “cheating”, without making the reader feel ripped off.”

In today’s world, there were times that we have signed up on various subscriptions and have given our precious email address! And by just signing up once, you will be receiving multiple emails from them – most often we can expect their emails at least once a week!

In replacement of that “little baggie”, the attention grabber in emails is their SUBJECT!

Thus, we need to learn the proper email marketing to be able to convince our readers to open our emails.

Grabbed Attention

You might probably thinking now on your options to place on your little baggie. But have you ever think of what shall we do next after we grab our reader’s attention?

Gary Halbert has made himself clear on our next steps after we have grabbed our readers’ attention – that is, how to start off our letters and what shall be included with our envelopes.

First off, how shall we start our letters? 

As Gary Halbert taught us in previous chapters, we must not forget the personalized salutation. We will then followed it by an explanation about our little baggie.

Indeed, it has to be cleared to our readers why we have attached such baggie with our letter and its relevance to our offer.

Then, you might be thinking now what shall we include in our envelopes, right?

Inside the Envelope

According to Gary Halbert, aside from that little baggie outside the envelope, it is also good to include an order card and printed brochures.

But we have to think of a strategy that will ensure our letters will be read first before they have a look of our brochure and order form.

Also, this is one important thing to remember in this lesson as pointed out by Gary Halbert —

“Many people, when they read an ad, read it like this… What they do is, they read the headline first, and then they go right to the order coupon.”

Thus, he wants us to make sure that our order card will only be seen at the proper time! 🙂

Proper Time

Yes, you might be thinking now when is the proper time?

According to Gary Halbert, proper time is when the reader is finished reading our letter.

Alright! Afterwards, we have to know the strategy to hide our sales brochure and order form temporarily

For DMs, you can check on Gary’s letter on how he made it through cutting and folding the paper and making it personalized by making the letter handwritten with his initials.

Businesslike Personal Letters

Along with that little baggie and other inclusions in our envelope that needs to be seen after our recipients read our letter, Gary Halbert also mentioned about making our letters to be “businesslike personal”.

What does he mean by that —

That is making part of the package typeset and contains some photographs.

In today’s approach, we use email marketing instead of a physical letter, you’ll be seeing a link in the part of the emails wherein you will be directed to their sales page. 

In that sales page, aside from the list of packages or offers, you will be able to see some testimonials of the people who have grabbed the offers!

Most of the time, our readers will not click the link until they have finished reading our email or until such time that you have already made your pitch. 🙂

My Proof


See you in the next chapter! 

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