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Hope you are still with me on this challenge. Anyway, we’re almost there! 🙂

Sometimes, we stuff ourselves with too many lessons and ideas just to lead us overthinking. And that overthinking will paralyze us and then stop us from doing… again!

So better make sure that you just stuff yourself with just enough lessons okay?

Okay, let’s grab a copy of chapter 15 here, and let’s do this! 🙂

Keep Working On

In this chapter, Gary Halbert has greeted his son a Happy Birthday! It was the 26th of June 1984 then…

What caught my attention is his message to his son, Bond, who said that if ever he will not be able to pass his driver’s test that day he just needs to keep working on it till he does!

In life, we have to understand that things will not always go our way.

It is really disappointing but we have to make sure that we will not let it affect us too much, especially we should never allow ourselves to reach the point of no longer willing to work on and pursue our goals.

Remember, just keep working on it! Just keep pushing until it happens! 🙂

Write that Copy

As mentioned by Gary Halbert in his letter today, the previous chapters are mainly about the “conceptualization” of our marketing effort.

Today, Gary will be guiding us more on the technical aspect – that is, the whole process of writing a copy!

First and foremost, he advised us to assemble a file that contains all the relevant information regarding our promotion. 

In his letter, he has enumerated some of the things that we could include in our file. You better check that out!

Following our assembled file, we need to start reading and taking notes.

Here, Gary Halbert has introduced us to his “nugget notes”. 

He takes down notes in the form of little nuggets of information – may it be just one word, meaningless phrases, notes that make sense or not…

He just keeps writing as he read the list cards, jackets of books, ads, DM pieces, and other materials that he has assembled.

The most important thing to remember in taking notes — DON’T STUFF YOURSELF!

Take that Notes

It should be noted, according to Gary Halbert, that these are the things we SHALL ALWAYS INCLUDE:

  • A complete description of the product including how many pages, how many words, how many photos
  • Who wrote it, facts about the author (his age, background, success stories, etc.)
  • Will it make you wealthy?
  • How will more money help your customer? Will he be able to buy a better car? Take more vacations? Afford a better home?


After taking down all our notes, we have to re-read and assess the impact of each note.

By the way, we should not forget to put a mark so that we will be able to recognize it as ones – i.e. * for good ones, ** for better ones, and *** for hot ones, etc.

After doing the three steps mentioned earlier, Gary Halbert wants us to STOP!

Yes, you read that right… he wants us to stop working on our project.


According to him, outstanding sales ideas will occur to us after we have stopped — like ideas for our attention grabber. 

Taken from his own words:

“Sometimes your breakthrough idea or “aha experience” will be a way to get attention like my baggie idea or a new way to help the project visualize the benefits of owning what you have to sell, or a new order generating sales point or whatever.”

Writing Formula

We might think that formula is only applicable to solving mathematical problems or creating something scientific-related, or any other else but not related to writing a copy!

But now, Gary Halbert is introducing us to the proven sequential outline of writing a copy – AIDA!

What is AIDA?

According to Gary Halbert, in order to make our letter clearer, it should follow the AIDA outline, which stands for:

  • ATTENTION – we shall get his attention
  • INTEREST – we shall get his interest
  • DESIRE – we shall make him desire what we are selling
  • ACTION – we shall compel him to take whatever action is required to grab our offeR

We’ll talk about more details on these four elements in the next chapter! See yah! 🙂

My Proof


Have you also continued writing your copies? It’ll be fun to see yours in the comments section, so post it now! 🙂


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