Hold on…

We’re now on Chapter 17! 🙂

Few more chapters left and we’re done with our Boron Letters.

I don’t have any intentions to pre-empt what lies ahead but I have to say it now!

In this chapter, our guru Mr. Gary C. Halbert will be giving us…

*drum rolls*

A list that will keep us busy for the next weeks! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Since that might be a little bit overwhelming, let’s grab a copy of Chapter 17 here.

Aja! 🙂

Process of Good Writing

Were you able to do our assignment in Chapter 16?

You do? Good.

For those who are still looking for the copy, here’s the Tova facelift ad.  Go and copy it in your handwriting.

By the way, for the next 4 to 5 months, Gary Halbert wants us to copy (in our own handwriting) more ads and DM pieces.  Not just any ad and DM piece, but the best ones.

How do we know which are the best copies? He provided us the list of “killer” promotions to start within his letter. Check on the list below.

Why Copy in our Handwriting?

You must be wondering why we need to copy ads and DM pieces in our own handwriting. 

According to Gary C. Halbert –

“When you actually write out a good ad in your own handwriting, the words and the flow and the sentence structure and the sequence of information and everything else about the writing of that ad becomes a part of you.

This isn’t just an empty experience. This is a way of internally imprinting in your mind and body, the process of good writing.  If you do this often enough you will soon have deep “inside out” understanding of what it takes and what it feels like to write a good piece of copy.”

So, are you ready to exercise your hands and copy the promotions that he picked for us?

Yes, we can do this! We will learn about the process of good writing. 🙂

List of Killer Promotions

As mentioned by Gary Halbert in his letter today, below is the list of ads and DM pieces that he had picked for us to copy in our own handwriting:

Yes, we need to copy all of the above-listed ads in our own handwriting, at the rate of one per week, as what our guru has instructed.

By the way, please don’t get overwhelmed.

If we really wanna learn how to write a good copy, we gotta go through the process of good writing. So start writing now! 🙂

GH Tips: How to Write Good Copy

In addition to the list of good copies above, our guru Gary Halbert also gave us some tips on how to write a good copy (please note that below list is exactly copied/taken from his letter):

  • Use simple common everyday words (i.e. use “get” instead of “procure”)
  • Write short sentences and short paragraphs
  • Use “transition” words and phrases to make your writing flow smoothly (please refer to Gary’s letter for samples)
  • Ask questions once in a while and then answer them yourself (samples on Gary’s letter)
  • Don’t worry about developing a “style”. Your own peculiarities will emerge soon enough
  • The very best writing goes unnoticed – If you are writing for applause… you will go home with empty pockets!
  • Write for money!
  • It is a good idea to know “word pictures” that will help your reader vicariously experience the wonderful benefits of owning your product or service
  • You can make your copy easier to read by the judicious use of parentheses – it will make the copy easier-to-read, easier to understand and provides a little “eye relief” for your reader

This letter is so meaty noh?

Yes, certainly agree.

What is a Good Writer?

We will surely learn a lot as we go through the next weeks (or months) to copy the ads provided above.  Aside from that, the tips that Gary has provided will surely help us to be a good writer.

So what is a good writer?

As our guru Gary Halbert has defined —


“A good writer is one who makes things perfectly clear.  He makes it easy for the reader. Easy-to-understand what he is saying, easy to keep reading.”

Excited to be a good writer?

Start the journey… start writing – copy in handwriting now! Enjoy! 🙂

My Proof


It’ll be fun to see your copies in the comments section, so post it now! 🙂


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