First impression lasts…

Do you believe in that? We’ll talk more about it as we go along this chapter.

Hello Chapter 19!!! 🙂

After this chapter we only have 6 more left to conclude this challenge… are you excited?


Well, feel the same way here! We’re almost done! 🙂

Alright, this chapter isn’t that long.  Our guru will be giving us some sort of a checklist on what our DMs should look like to impress our readers with just a glance.

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First Impression Matters

Do you remember what Gary Halbert had promised us before he ended Chapter 18? Yes?

Well, you are right. Our subject for today will be “You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.”


As usual, Gary Halbert is teaching us through examples and most of the time those are related to the checklist that he wants us to maintain as our guide in writing our own DMs.

Have you noticed his approach to teaching us?  Yes, through stories!

And today he has mentioned a lot of instances wherein first impression really matters…

  • The 40-second rule of job interviews
  • The 30-minute (or so) rule of jury trials
  • The what we call love-at-first-sight — when a person falls in love almost instantaneously
  • Hook a reader at a glance! (remember this because this is the most important part for us…)

Although he reiterated that those rules may not be 100% accurate, we must always remember that most often than not a person will keep whatever his first impression is… it may never be changed!

The “Instant Lift”

The instances that he gave us where first impression matters always hold true most of the time.  Agree?

Yes, certainly.

As Gary Halbert believes – “the “sale” or “no sale” decision is largely made the instant a prospect sees your ad and reads your headline.”

So what must we do in order that our copies stand out and will surely impress our readers?

We have to make sure that our ads will always give our readers an “instant lift” from merely looking at it. Thus, the “crisp” look of promotion is a must!

That is, as mentioned in Chapter 18, our promotion must have an exciting, inviting, and clean layout and shall be easy-to-read.

As a General Rule…

We must take note of the latter part of today’s lesson where Gary Halbert gave us all the “must-haves” of an ad based on the material that we will be using.

According to Gary Halbert, as a general rule –

  • Make sure that pictures are of an upbeat nature and note this interesting yet of the little-known fact that women like to see pictures of women in ads and men like to see pictures of men.
  • Use good crisp white paper — for both the envelopes and pages of the letters.
  • For a label addressing, always use a tight white label on matching envelopes.
  • Whenever practical, use large colorful commemoratives stamps.
  • Use dignified and non-distracting letterheads, your letter on serif typeface and make sure that the original should be typed with a carbon ribbon (hey! stop that grin, we’re talking about DMs and MOs here, a physical one *winks*).
  • If you are to underline words or something in your letter, make sure to use RED as your second color.
  • For photographs enclosed in your letter, always make sure that it should look crisp, clean, glossy and clear.

Well, all of these we shall remember because we never get a second chance to make a first impression!

My Proof



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