The Boron Letters – Chapter 2: Fasting and Diet

The Boron Letters – Chapter 2: Fasting and Diet

Wow! We’re on Chapter 2 now! 🙂

Were you able to copy the first chapter?

By the way, for Chapter 2, you can download it here.

For this Chapter, Gary Halbert is sending his son another advice on how to maintain his health and physical fitness.


You may think that these advices are so simple… but did it ever cross your mind to tell it to any of your family members or friends?

A father’s advice to his son — simple yet Gary Halbert considered the things he wrote on his first two letters as the most important things he has ever learned… after his 46years of existence!!!

Get-Tough Attitude

Though Gary Halbert did not put details on his new get-tough attitude, Bond have emphasized that he is ALWAYS tough.

As mentioned in Bond’s notes, Gary grew up in an economically depressed small town in Germany, had five children, got rich, went broke, got rich and blew it all again several times… and head on to prison for a crime he didn’t commit…

Having a hard-core tough attitude was an important survival skill for Gary Halbert and his  son… and probably for me! 🙂

And I wanna share this with you as I quote Bond Halbert:

“In life everyone must learn to deal with unnecessary grief from other people, but sometimes  you are faced with a jerk with the balance of power in their favor and the only way to survive, especially with your pride intact, is to develop a mental toughness as a form of mental armor and it, once you do it, is always there when it is needed.”

Don’t Tell Anyone

This is the most important lesson in this chapter, as also emphasized by Bond Halbert.

People will always have an opinion to whatever you are in, learn how to filter opinions.  And if this saying served Gary Halbert well his whole life, probably it will also serve well  on yours so keep it in mind:

“Nothing is impossible for a man who refuses to listen to reason.”

Always remember that not because someone says you can’t do something or should not do it,  doesn’t mean that they are right.  Not because the whole world agrees means you should stop yourself from doing it.

Choose the people you wanna share your endeavors.  Not everybody will understand. Not everybody will encourage you to push through. There will be people who have nothing but negative things to say and you will never benefit in dealing with them — so please keep a distance!

Never try to convince people nor argue with them, instead keep in yourself whatever it is and SILENTLY accomplish it!

If you really want it, you can surely do it!

Start a  Tradition

In his second letter, Gar Halbert also encouraged his son to start a tradition — he called it “Halbert Tradition, whereupon the father’s make it a point to pass down what they have learned to teach a new generation!

What a very brilliant idea huh?

These days we tend to let our children learn all the things from school… and from the streets!  We rarely teach them the things that schools do not teach and I truly agree with Mr. Gary Halbert on this idea.  Probably, it’s time that each and every family practice this tradition.

Let’s teach our next generation various life How-To’s — to think outside the box,  to have confidence, to move and not to fear mistakes, to respect themselves and other people, and to love… to just love!

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Hope you are enjoying our Copywriting Journey! See you on Chapter 3! 🙂

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