What’s the biggest or serious mistake you’ve ever done in your life?

What a question to start our lesson today!

Hi! We’re now on Chapter 20 of Gary Halbert’s The Boron Letters! 🙂

Before we go on the details of today’s lesson, I just want to ask you about your takeaway from Chapter 19? Are you maintaining the checklist or the general rules of making our ads impressive and make our readers decide to grab our offer with just a glance at our ads? Well, I hope you do.

Onward. This chapter is another opportunity to learn from Gary Halbert not just about copywriting but life lessons as well.

Well, let‘s start the lesson.  Grab your copy of Chapter 20 here. 🙂


Bad Ego Decisions

At the start of his letter today, Gary Halbert shared with us what Dennis Haslinger has told him about committing mistakes in life.  That is, the most serious mistakes in life would be bad ego decisions.

And Gary Halbert has proven such through his personal encounters and bad ego decisions with women, money and some which have even put him in some sort of physical danger.

In life, we might be doing some things that we unconsciously affect other people.  And it might happen at a not so pleasant moment – either they woke up at the wrong side of the bed that day or probably they’ve been going through a lot in their lives for the past days, weeks or even months.  We don’t know.

Similarly, we might be affected by other people’s actions and they could have caught us in our woke-up-at-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed-day.  Typically, we people react not because of what others have done to us but we actually react based on how we feel at the moment.


Clear the Deck

As I have mentioned earlier, we typically react based on our emotions at the moment. Typically.

But we have to bear in mind that life encounters, especially emotionally charged situations, shall be handled maturely. Moreover, we have to think first before we do or say anything.

I remember I have read one of the life reminders and posted it in social media –


Hence, we have to go through a series of questions before we finally say anything.  This will save us from any unnecessary misunderstanding with others.

Similarly, in his letter today, Gary Halbert shared that instead of reacting negatively, he preferred to be silent and he “cleared the deck” through road work and writing.

He believes that (from his own words) “clearing the deck” will get the garbage out of his system so that his strategic decisions and future letters and ideas will be clear!

Get It Moving

Aside from clearing the deck, another advice from Gary Halbert is to –

“Please remember this word: HALT. HALT stands for hungry, angry, lonely, and tired and you should never make a decision when you are any of those things.”

That is, instead of making any decisions, which most probably will be bad ego decisions, we just need to keep moving.  We could write, run, walk, talk, jog, and so on.

Moreover, he told us to be careful whom we talk and write to – he should be someone who understands the situation you are in and will consider everything you said or did at that moment as “time out babble”.

We should always remember what Gary Halbert said –

“It really doesn’t matter much what the “content” of this letter is. What matters is that I am going through the “process” of writing it. And it is the process or physical act of the writing and the road work that does the therapy. Remember this:


You Don’t Have To Get It Right… You Just Have To Get It MOVING!”

To sum it up, we shall never say anything or do any decisions whenever we feel hungry, angry, lonely, and tired (HALT). We have to clear the deck and get it moving, otherwise, we will be making a serious mistake – a bad ego decision.

My Proof


Wow, 5 more chapters left.  I would love to see your copies in the comments section, so post it now! 🙂


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