The Boron Letters – Chapter 3: Depend on Yourself

The Boron Letters – Chapter 3: Depend on Yourself

Yay! We’re on our third day on this challenge…

Are you still with me? Hope you’re shouting “YES”!

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Well, this third letter contains a lot of health suggestions on diet — what to eat and how to eat 😀 and exercise though not much on this letter instead it will be detailed tomorrow.

Here’s the summary of Gary Halbert’s health suggestions on his third letter to Bond:



Depend on Yourself

Same with yesterday’s life advice, though Gary is teaching Bond to main his health and physical fitness — that is, to munch on his raw veggies, he emphasized that Bond need to do it himself and not depend on his mom to do it.  He has to do it himself otherwise he will make it an excuse if other people will not prepare for what he needs.

Same with us — if we want to accomplish something, we have to make sure that we are the one doing (or at least on-hand on monitoring the status of) the main tasks to make sure it will be accomplished that way we wanted.

We CANNOT FULLY RELY on other people to accomplish our goals!

Especially if most of the people around you, with minds full of negativity, are also having the CAN’T DO ATTITUDE…

And remember these things from Bond Halbert:

  • When you tell people your plans to get ruch, they will translate your success into their failure for not becoming rich.
  • It is ironic that so many people say they want to be rich yet put down almost everyone who tries and often they put down those that do succeed.
  • Worry about all those people who want to stop you from becoming rich
  • Never let the bastards get you down and in this case the bastards are almost everyone you meet!

Oh boy! You probably need to have a reassessment of the people you really wanna hang out with! As they say, you are the average of the 5 people you are spending most of your time! 😉 😉 😉

Books to Read

In the past two letters, Gary have requested Bond to look for a copy of the books he wants him to read:

  • “The Joy of Running” by Theodore Kostrubala
  • “The Miracle of Fasting” by Paul Bragg
  • “Are You Confused?” by Paulo Airola

But in this letter, Bond shared one instead of Gary — “The Godfather”!

They both agreed that this book is one of the best business books in the world!

They love the lessons from this book and movie especially to avoid being careless — “Going over and over plans is a good way to make sure everyone is on the same page and to remember small things”.

Lessons in Life

Bond Halbert sum up the two lessons in todays’ letter as follows:

  • The advantage over others is great when one can shut out the negative attitude of the masses
  • Winners revise their plans over and over and constantly reassess

So friends, make sure to write your goals and go over them EVERYDAY then constantly reassess — not just your goals but especially the people around you!

No to negative vibes! !! 😉 😉 😉

My Proof





Are you starting to love copywriting now? I guess I do! 😉

See you in the next chapter! God bless! 🙂

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