The Boron Letters – Chapter 5: Attitude

The Boron Letters – Chapter 5: Attitude

Hi! How are you on our fifth day in this Copywriting Challenge?

Are you enjoying? 😉

Gary Halbert is now starting our lessons on making money!

Isn’t that more exciting??? 😉

Get your copy of the letter here.

Money, Money, Money

We may hear a lot of concepts on how to make BIG money.

Probably you are one of those who wanna know the real secret on how to make one.

Do you remember what Gary Halbert emphasized on his first letter about making money?


Yes! Attitude.

Attitude is the most important when it comes to making money.

Gary Halbert believes that money is a by-product of  enthusiasm.

He even gave this advice to Bond when he needs to hire someone —

Do not look for the most qualified…

Instead, he should look for the most enthusiastic one!

Here’s my takeaway from today’s letter:


You must be wondering what does it mean to be a “Student of Markets”?

It is a MUST to learn not only products, techniques, copywriting, but most especially the “market”.

Know what the people really want and DO buy, not what they think they should and SAY they buy.

Next question is how can you become a “Student of Reality”?


NEVER believe in surverys!

People try to give the “right” answer in the surveys. They will just  answer what they think they should buy.

Okay, don’t get confused… Gary Halbert told us how to know what people actually buy remember?

Yes, through the SRDS Direct Mail List Book!

Read the CONSUMER LISTS section of the book. Pay special attention to the numbers involved and the descriptions of the lists.

He even showed in his letter how to identify the “hot items” to be offered! 🙂

I bet you’ll try to check the book soonest! 😉 😉 😉

My Proof

Below’s a copy of my Chapter 5!





See you in the next chapter! 🙂

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