The Boron Letters – Chapter 6: Be a “Student of Markets”

The Boron Letters – Chapter 6: Be a “Student of Markets”

Day 6 of Copywriting Challenge, are you still with me on this?

It’s really amazing to know that things can be learn out of the formal school, you just have to be ready and willing to learn!

There’s a lot of mentors out there, doesn’t need to be in front of you personally, you just have to choose the one who will fit your persona and will really make you move!

And for now, I could say that Gary Halbert is really one of those mentors that I need in my life! 😉 😉 😉

It’s always been one of my goals to study marketing since it’s one of the areas that really frighten me…

Probably the same reason why am lovin’ this journey… so far!

So let’s keep goin’! Get your copy of Chapter 6 here.

Advantage to Desire

If you were to offer something to your customers, what would it be?

Let’s take the other side of the coin, there’s a lot of seller in the marketplace, what would be advantage that you wanna be on your side?

In one of the copywriting class of Gary Halbert, he asked the same thing to his students:

“If you an dI both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who would sell the most hamburgers, what advantage would you most like to have on your side?”

Definitely the answers vary — superior meat, sesame seed buns , location, able to offer lowest price, and the list goes on.

But Gary Halbert gives this as his answer:


As what Gary Halbert wrote in his letter today:

“What I am trying to teach you here is to constantly be on the look our for groups of people (markets) who have demonstrated that they are starving (or at least hungry!) for some particular product or service.” 

Bull’s eye!

In a midst of a starving crowd, they won’t bother if your meat is yummy, your bread has sesame seeds, your sauces are great!

All they want is to satisfy their hunger!

How to Measure Hunger

Gary Halbert have also taught us how to measure this hunger through MAILING LISTS!

In his letter he listed ten possibilities to whom you should mail your letters.

  1. people you gotfrom the telephone book (never do this please! this is a terrible idea!)
  2. living in high income areas that you got from a phone book
  3. above-average-income-earners
  4. upper income people who are proven mail order buyers
  5. wealthy people who bought the same type of product by mail
  6. frequent mail order buyers of the same product that we offer
  7. paid big money for what they bought
  8. just recently purchase by mail
  9. working like crazy for other mailers with promotions similar to ours
  10. the best list of all — your OWN CUSTOMER LIST!

Wow! This day is so meaty! This is really the starting point of our journey — know our markets!

Oh by the way, it isn’t enough that you have your own customer list.

They gotta be a list of SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

Hope you got the lesson! 🙂

My Proof

Here’s my copy of Chapter 6:






See you in the next chapter! 🙂

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