The Boron Letters – Chapter 7: Locate the Hot Buttons

The Boron Letters – Chapter 7: Locate the Hot Buttons

I’m getting overwhelmed! Chapter 7 it is! 🙂

Are you still with me on this challenge?

You can get your copy of Chapter 7 here.

While I was reading the letter for today, I felt uneasy… it really isn’t my comfort zone! So there, we are exploring another world and hope that I could pass this one successfully! Please pray for me… harder as you can! 😉

Although I have heard about mailing lists before, it still strange to me as I have not started collecting my own list as of this writing. And creating ads isn’t easy as 1-2-3… You really have to study your market!

You have to be observant!

And that really is the lesson that Gary Halbert is emphasizing right now.

The Guidelines on Picking Lists

According to Gary Halbert, there are three main guidelines that we can rely on picking lists to test:

  1. RECENCY. Those people who recently purchased (by mail) something similar to what you sell will be more receptive to your offer. Note: According to Gary Halbert, this is by far the most important guideline!
  2. FREQUENCY. The desire for a specific type of production service can be based on the frequency he buys such type of item.
  3. UNIT OF SALE. The higher the quantity and amount paid, the hotter prospect!

As what Gary Halbert said, “People don’t always put their money where their mouths are, but they do nearly always put out their money where their true desires are.”



You must be wondering why RECENCY is the most important of all the guidelines.  Simply because the people (also called hotline buyers) who recenty purchased an item similar to what you offer are extremely good prospects!

Gary Halbert also discussed other ways to find out what people like to purchase by mail — through “hot” mail order publications! Halbert advised his son that he gotta discover what these publications are and become very familiar with them.

These publications, newspapers and magazines, are where mail order companies advertise in over and over again.

Be Aware of Markets

It’s time to emphasize the lesson in his letter today. This is one of Halbert’s Rules of Marketing Success.


As what Gary Halbert said, “So obvious, so overlooked and so important.”

People fail because the market wants water and you are giving them juice.

You have to locate the hot buttons!

How would you know what the market wants?

No, you don’t have to ask people or take surveys. Obviously you need not guess nor wonder. All you have to do is OBSERVE!

You have to observe the ads and direct mail pieces that you see over and over.

This ads has hit a nerve and for you to make money is to hit the same nerve.


Bonus Lesson: Control

Have you noticed that in his past letters Gary Halbert is not only teaching us about copywriting? More so, he is teaching us about life!

And for today, he shares another gold mine in life — CONTROL!

He shares two instances where you need to be in control.

First, you have to be in control of your job.  Clients hire you because of the services you can offer and you are certainly sure that you can do it at your best. Never let them mess with your work!

Second, structure your deeds in order to get paid often. People by nature have trouble living up to their agreements when it comes to money, particularly if you already delivered the product or services they need.

When you started working with your clients, make sure to be in control of your work and of course your payment! 😉

My Proof





That’s it for today! See you in the next chapter! 🙂

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