The Boron Letters – Chapter 8: Discipline & Skepticism

The Boron Letters – Chapter 8: Discipline & Skepticism

Hi! How are you today?

Are you still up on our 25-Chapter Copywriting Challenge?

For the past days that we are in the challenge, have you ever done self-talks like these:

“No, I don’t wanna do this, it’s so tiring!”

“Do I really need to do this?”

“Is this really for me?”

Or  are you enjoying the challenge but you have a lot in your plate right now and you don’t know which one to finish first? (Oh boy! Feels like crawling up your bed huh? 😉 😉 😉 )

Well, as for me, am on the second one!

Yes, there’s a lot in my plate right now. Sometimes I feel like not doing the challenge or skipping a day or two just to give myself a break.


I just keep on goin’… even if it’s hard at times!

Even if it takes some time to continue diong the challenge…


I believe it’s discipline.

Know what you really want and make sure you make it happen…

ONLY SELF-DISCIPLINE could let you do it — NO IFS, NO BUTS!


In his letter today, Gary Halbert acknowledged that he is tired. He skipped some of his usual activities (even eating lunch) but he kept on writing his letters!

So let’s follow the leader 😉 grab your copy of Chapter 8 here and let’s keep the ball rollin’! 😉


Gary Halbert started his letter today with life lessons instead of marketing. He taught us on how to deal with being tired.

For me there’s a thin line between having lack of discipline and being fool. 😉

Gary Halbert defined lack of discipline as halting your forward progress everytime you get a little tired or irritable or whatever. But you are a fool if you keep on pushing even if you are chronically tired or really sick.

You have to pay attention to what your brain and body is sending you.  Start working or doing the usual and if you start to feel worse, then quit! But if you just feel a little bit crummy then keep goin’.

Wonderin’ why do I mention about the thin line?

Simply because you are in control of yourself, either you prefer to continue or hybernate, it’s all up to you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Always remember that you are great and that you are meant to do great things! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gary Halbert agreed on this, “Most of the world’s work is done by people who didn’t feel much like getting out of bed.”

Be Skeptical

We often try to convince others, even ourselves, that we are something we are not.  We tend to reflect the “should be” instead of being true to ourselves.

All of us, no exemptions!

This is the reason why Gary Halbert redundantly reminded his son, Bond,  to be skeptical — of what people say, of surveys, of questionnaires.  Instead, he must believe in numbers. Not the number of survey responses but the real $$$ numbers.

As Gary Halbert said, “Truth can be determined NOT by how people use their mouth but rather how they use their wallet.”


So he reminded his son to do these things, and I believe as copywriters we should do the same:

  • Keep reading the SRDS book
  • Continue looking at hot mail order publications and repeat mail order ads
  • Get as many mail order lists as possible
  • Get a P.O.Box (in the digital world, get your own domain and email solution 😉 )
  • Watch the offers received and purchase by mail anything possible
  • Keep finger on the pulse of the industry
  • Stay aware
  • Keep awake to the possibilities of overlooked marketing opportunities

Mail orders may not be so applicable nowadays, but email marketing does. So you better take all the lessons and apply it in the digital world.

It’s also worthy to remember another gold mine from Gary Halbert. That is, a lot of money can be made by making offers to people who are at an emotional turning point in their lives — just had a new baby, just gotten married, just lost a loved one, and the list goes on.

Gary Halbert also illustrated sample computation of how much you will earn EVERY MONTH considering all the factors that he has emphasized in his letters.  I bet you’ll be more excited seeing the number$$$! 😉

My Proof





See you in the next chapter! 🙂

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