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There are times that we stuff ourselves with too many lessons and ideas which just leads us to overthink. And that overthinking will paralyze us and then stop us from doing… again!

So better make sure that you just stuff yourself with enough lessons okay?

Okay then grab your copy of chapter 16 here and let’s do this! 🙂

Four Formula Elements of Sales Letter

We are done on conceptualization in previous chapters and now our guru, Gary Halbert, is leading us on doing the actual work per se! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It is so important to know the elements that our letter must have in order to close sales. 

As mentioned in Chapter 15, in order for us not to forget the elements, Gary Halbert has provided us the acronym AIDA which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action.

Now get yourself ready and apply whatever we are going to learn today, okay?

Grab that Attention

First and foremost, we have learned that the most crucial element of our sales letter is to grab our reader’s attention, and not just any ordinary attention but the right kind of attention that will get him interested as to what is stated inside that envelope.

Do you remember that little baggie we have in Chapter 14?

Undoubtedly, and we must always remember, that to get the right reader’s attention, our little baggie or attention grabber shall always be relevant to our offer. 

Otherwise, our letter will never be opened and our recipient will never be a reader and impossible to be a customer.

Taken from Gary Halbert’s words, our attention grabber shall “need to tie in naturally with our letter”.

So better think of the things that are relevant and tie in naturally with your offer – choose something that you can put in your little baggie… something that will surely make the recipient open the envelope and read your letter! 🙂

Catch that Interest

After we have grabbed our readers’ right attention, what shall we do next?

Well, I have to ask you something – what are the factors that make you interested in buying something?  I mean even just by reading the ads and related stories you really get interested of having one for yourself?

Normally we are looking for interesting facts — something beneficial to us or something that we are really fond of, right?  We are looking for that “something” that will fit with our wants or needs at the time we are reading the letter.

In the same way that we must have that something to catch our reader’s attention…

Arouse that Desire

Normally unless we have seen “something” that will catch our attention, we will not continue reading the letter.

It is as if we’re having some checklists that we mark on as we read the content of the letter and if it passed, voila!

We are sure to grab the offer!

In today’s world that online apps store is just at hand, automatically we hit that “add to cart” or “buy now” button. Agree?

Yes, that my friends would be the same approach that we have to do. We are going to tell our reader a lot of interesting facts about our offer that will surely catch his attention and arouse his desire to grab our offer.

Get Into Action

We are now on the last stretch of our lesson for today. After getting our reader’s attention, catch his interest, and arouse his desire, what’s next?

Having our item added into an online cart doesn’t necessarily mean that we have closed the sale.  We have to make sure that payment has been processed.  That’s why it is very important that our online payment gateway is properly set up.

More so with our DMs wherein our reader might do more things than clicking that “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button then process the payment.

In our letters, we have to be detailed and specify the steps our readers have to do in order for us to close that sale!

We have to be sure that they will send us the reply envelope with the filled-up the order form!

Moreover, we have to specify what our reader might miss out if they will not process the order soon. Here we are introducing the “scarcity mindset” which will enable our readers to act the soonest! 🙂

Gary Halbert Tells

As what Gary Halbert had stressed in his letter:


“You must be very clear, very specific about what you want him to do.  Lead him by the hand and take him exactly where you want him to go. 

Tell him where the order coupon is… tell him to fill it out… tell him to enclose the payment… tell him how much to send… tell him who the checks and money orders should be made out to… tell him to use the envelope… tell him the envelope doesn’t need a stamp (if it doesn’t)…. tell him to put the envelope in the mail.

And, above all, tell him to do it all this RIGHT NOW! TODAY!”


Like any other students, our mentor Gary Halbert left us with an assignment.  Actually he sent it to his son, Bond, but are you also up for the challenge?


Okay, I will take the context of Gary Halbert’s letter to Bond, and let’s do it on our own. 

“What I want you to do is get a copy of the facelift ad and then sit down and copy it in your own handwriting. I want you to write it out just the way you would if you were going to take it to a secretarial service to have it typed.

After you have completed this assignment I will explain why I am having you do this and how it will help you.”

Probably next lessons will be based on this assignment… better be ready! 🙂

My Proof


See you in the next chapter! 


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